Teacher Training and Development for Peace-Building in the Horn of Africa and Surrounding Countries

Photo: COMED

The Japan-supported UNESCO-IICBA Teacher Training and Development for Peace Building project aims to contribute to the provision of economically productive and peace-loving young people through quality teacher training and development in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Uganda. The government of Japan has provided 1 million dollars in funding to support this project and has been actively engaged and instrumental throughout the decision making process.

Mr Yokota, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan said that

“The project aims to create a critical mass of teachers who can implement effective teaching and learning of values to young people through its training of trainers model with the intention of creating a long term peace building initiative through education”

Ato Solomon on behalf of His Excellency Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam, Federal Minister of Education Ethiopia added that,

“Education is the key to changing minds and empowering the young people to be agents of peace and responsible citizens. The project is about investing in the youth of the participating countries by offering them alternatives to the pull of intolerance and violent extremism, offering them tools to be builders of peace, consciously constructing a positive world for their generation and the generations to come.”

UNESCO-IICBA recognizes that quality secondary education, including pre-technical, pre-vocational and entrepreneurship knowledge, is important to keep youth engaged in schools and protected from negative influences. By building teachers’ capacities and investing in youth, this project will encourage young people to contribute to their countries – as peacebuilders and productive citizens.

UNESCO-IICBA and the Federal Ministry of Education, Ethiopia both thanked the government of Japan for their generous support stating, “It only emphasizes their commitment to peace and to education.”