ADEA WGCOMED News Journal N°8, October - November 2014

Dear Colleagues and partners,

We are pleased to share with you the eight edition of our News Journal. The theme for this edition is "Investing in Women’s Education in Africa." As we are currently embroiled in various debates on the subject of the post-2015 development agenda, there continues to be a strong urge internationally to focus on the greater half of humanity – women. We have, therefore, devoted this edition entirely to women and their plight and with respect to human and world development. This edition is calling for a review of our education systems, in particular as it relates to women and girls in Africa. We note that despite all the interventions so far, the evidence provided shows that women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa continue to face the highest level of discrimination in the world. We, therefore, call for everyone –governments, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, private citizens, men and women to contribute effectively in investing in the education of women. This will be the best way to empower them.

This edition carries two interviews. There is first an exclusive conversation with ADEA’s recently appointed Executive Secretary, Ms. Oley Dibba Wadda, who gives her perspectives on ADEA and its future for the development of the African continent on the anniversary of her 100 days as ADEA’s Executive Secretary. She has also given a rare insight into the management of family life being a woman professional and leader. We take a CNN interview with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia who tells us that Africa cannot rise unless we invest in girls. We also have a book review by Nigeria’ Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance, Ms. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala where she talks about how economic opportunities can be expanded for women. There are also articles on how to teach a woman to fish in order to overcome poverty around the globe, and a number of other analytical reports on how corporate leadership can help in investing in girls’ education, women’s leadership in Africa, and a special report on adolescent girls.

We make a profile of FAWE – the Forum for African Women Educationalists, and how FEMNET – the African Women ‘s Development and Communication Network give us their perspective on the Africa that women want in relation to the post 2015 Agenda. We cover a number of current news in our Inside Africa segment. Finally, we pay tribute to two illustrious Africans who passed away recently – Professor Ali A. Mazrui from Kenya and Dr. Cyril Dalais from Mauritius.

Enjoy your reading !