ADEA WGCOMED News Journal N°11, May - July 2016

Dear colleagues and partners,

After months of getting settled in our new environment in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia within the esteemed African Union Commission, we are pleased to share with you this special eleventh edition of the ADEA-COMED NewsJournal. This particular edition carries a specific theme which we often overlook. The subject for this edition is Books and Learning Materials for Education in Africa. As the African Union Commission is bent on implementing Agenda 2063 and its related subsidiary policies such as the African Union Continental Education Strategy for Africa 2016 -2025 (CESA 16-25), we focus in this edition on the subject of the importance of books and learning materials for education in Africa.

We carry two interviews, the first by the African Union Commissioner for Human Resources, Science, and Technology, His Excellency, Dr. Martial de Paul Ikounga. He talks about his experiences as Commissioner in the African Union over the past four years. The second interview is by His Excellency Mr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, who provides some insights into how the African continent must run its affairs.

We also have some articles on the subject matter of books and learning materials in Africa’s educational systems from experts such as Mr. Henry Chakaa, Mr. Mamadou Aliou Sow, Ms. Lily Nyariki, Ms. Getrude Kayaga Mulindwa and Ms. Elieshi Lema. We also carry some special reports on implementing book policies in African countries. Finally, our Inside Africa segment covers news and analysis related to the theme from the African press.

Enjoy your reading !